Dan Glasser

Dan Glasser (born London, 1972) is a London based photographer.

Glasser presents a photographic series of eccentric individual objects, such as taxidermic animals, white peacocks or marble busts. He transforms these objects into subjects by isolating them in white space and completely immersing them in light, facilitating the viewer to focus solely on the aesthetic. Every object has the same impact, regardless of conventional notions of commercial value, provenance or social status.


-TROPHIES at Roland Mouret,London, July 2014.

-TROPHIES at Daniel Crouch, London, October 2014.

-TROPHIES at Galeie Chenel, Paris, December 2014.

-TROPHIES at Galerie Desmet, Bruxelles, January 2015.

-TROPHIES at Deyrolle, Paris, September – November 2015.

– YIA Fair , Paris, October 2015.

-RAF, Madrid, February 2016.

– TROPHEES ET CURIOSITÉS, Bruxelles, April – June 2016.

-GALERIE JFK, Bruxelles, July 2016.