Work in Progress: “Sex-Fiction” by Diego Fortunato.

In “Sex-Fiction”, the designer Diego Fortunato gives a sexuality to his objects, pure of any human feelings, moral or complexes. They reproduce mechanically nagging us with their freedom. Diego develops his own language called: “abstract erotism” ou “Pornographie de salon” (“Living room Pornography”) and force us to face our inhibitions.

Date & Venue TBA

SX Fiction
Sketch of “Orgy” by Diego Fortunato for “Sex-Fiction”, 2014.

Master Paintings Week: “Trophies” at Coll & Cortés.

Collaborating with the Old Master gallery, Coll & Cortés, J. F. Kugel presented Trophies in a classical environment creating a strikingly eerie spectacle. Coll & Cortés selected three of James’s porcelain skulls to be featured alongside period Spanish masterpieces during London’s Master Paintings Week 2014, creating a theatrical coalescence between the contemporary and the classic.