14 October – 12 November 2016: TROPHIES by James WEBSTER at VDK/JFK | BRUSSELS

TROPHIES consists of eight porcelain animal skulls and vertebrae, ceremonially placed on concrete cubes fixed in steel plate, organised in two rows of four sculptures facing another like the Avenue of Sphinx at the Egyptian temple in Karnak. This is James Benjamin Webster’s first research in porcelain. Working in this ancient and revered material, JBW has developed a sense of real bone, a notion of the past through new objects of precious value. As a Victorian scientist would collect information and recreate their findings; JBW has worked from real animal skeletons through observation and memory. The recent destruction of ancient icons and temples, along with our latent neglect of the environment, has become an integral discussion within JBW’s work. He has attempted to build a new monument to represent our past and our future. Using ceramic instead of taxidermy, his working process strives to idolise the living as if they have passed already. He uses strong and vulnerable, precious and throwaway materials to derive a sense of archaeology.Gold in the ancient world was the representation of the sun and its light. The skulls are all under the sun with the blue-grey shadows of the porcelain beneath. JBW’s sense of ritual and ceremony and its obligations played heavily in the development of his work. This is not a sculpture about death but a story of life.Educated at the Norwich School and trained as an artist in Florence, James Benjamin Webster grew up in Norfolk, with a childhood discovering and playing in the rich flora and fauna of the countryside and listening to the stories and mythology read to him by his grandfather.

5 – 15 October 2016: HENRIK DELEHAG & Hanslen K. at Daniel Crouch Rare Book// LONDON


5 – 15 OCT 2016

at Daniel Crouch Rare Books

 4 Bury St, SW1Y 6AB, London 

Opening: Tuesday 4th October 2016 from 5.30pm to 9.30 pm 

RSVP:  info@jfkugel.com

For the third year Daniel Crouch Rare Books open his door to contemporary art and gives the opportunity to two emerging curators, Tamara Sanchez & Jonathan F Kugel, to each one introduce the work of an artist they defend.

Jonathan F. Kugel invites you to discover the work of his newest artist Henrik Delehag through a selection of his sketch-books. 

Henrik Delehag’s sketch-books have been with him since childhood, each one representing a year of his life.

Henrik’s sketch-books don’t contain any sketches, each page is a work of art in its own right, together accumulating into unique, psycho-geographic narrative charting his love and losses in the city.

Tamara Sanchez will show a selection of works by Halson K. The series of photography entitled “Considering the Mood of Things” is an ongoing exploration of how the randomness of nature, how light and form upon detail can produce a sublime abstract image, and through its effect that abstraction, by accident or design, creates a mood or sensation communicated through the image.

There is no title, no distinct image, no intent to communicate anything other than a sense of awe. Halson’s depictions of moods are, evocative of great masters of the abstract and the likes of Pollack, Kline, Rothco,  Motherwell and De Kooning.