Tomasso Brothers’ “Sculptor’s Menagerie” featuring “Tiger” by James Webster

Jonathan F Kugel is proud to announce James Webster’s Tiger will be exhibited at Tomasso Brothers in The Sculptor’s Menagerie an exhibition of animal and bird sculptures from Antiquity to the present day as part of London Art Week 2015.

“The Sculptor’s Menagerie” at Tomasso Brothers

3-10 July 2015

12 Duke Street St-James’s, SW1Y 6BN, London

Monday to Friday 10am-6pm / Saturday 10am-5pm

Tiger by James Webster


by James Webster

Porcelain, concrete & steel

46 x 29 x 20 cm, 2014

Tiger is the first of the series TROPHIES by James Webster, a series of anatomically correct porcelain animal skulls with their vertebrae resting on a bloc of concrete imbricated in a steel plate.

James, who was raised in Suffolk, has spent decades diligently collecting a plethora of naturalia — bones, skulls and similar artefacts. The sense of achievement in discovering objects of natural beauty engenders in James the desire not only to protect them, but to present them. To externalise and communicate their personal value, to manifest his sense of achievement in physical form — a trophy.

Each sculpture takes months to realise. James model a 20% bigger than life-size terracotta sculpture which he moulds and turns into porcelain. During the firing the porcelain shrinks and the skull takes a natural size. While firing James applies enamel to glaze the teeth and oxidate with steel to accentuate details. The bases are calculated with the Golden rules proportionally to each animal.

Tiger is a limited edition of 4, the one presented by the Tomasso Brother is edition 2/4 and the only available. The last one was bought by Damien Hirst to be part of his Murder Me Collection.